Prefabricated corners

The PRO-FIL prefabricated corners

Every building is individual! Our unique PRO-FIL system solution allows customised vertical dimensioning of the PRO-FIL cove and PRO-FIL prefabricated corner.

The PRO-FIL prefabricated corner is available as both inner and outer corner and can be prefabricated from next to all elastic floorings.

Their major benefit lies in the prefabrication and the elastic reinforcement on the back in the area of the edges which makes the PRO-FIL prefabricated corner highly stable, tight and more resistant.

Thanks to prefabrication installation is easy and very fast.

Our installation videos

The PRO-FIL system solution, that easy. Take a look on our installation videos.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Installation in no time
  • Reinforced in the corner area on the back
  • Very durable and stable
  • Variable leg lengths
  • Outer corner legs:
  • 13 cm standard length, up to 25 special length
  • Inner corner legs:
  • 21 cm standard length, up to 35 special length
  • No maintenance joint in the corner area

Outer corners:

legs up to 35 cm length

Standard length: 13 cm


Inner corners:

legs up to 35 cm length

Standard length: 21 cm

Customised prefabrication

Saves installation time

Colourful variety

All prefabricated corners are available in colours and materials to match the flooring. Perfect quality of this kind is almost impossible to achieve by the arduous process of designing and implementing the outer corners by hand on site. Our prefabricated corner ensures high-quality workmanship and thus fewer worries for the building owner or contractor.