PRO-FIL Flex is a silicone-free gluing and sealing agent, developed especially for sealing joints of PRO-FIL concave coves and prefabricated corners and joints to other connecting elements, such as door frames, for example.

  • Shrinkage-free hardening
  • Shore-A hardness between 40° and 55°
  • Silicone-free
  • Without professional sealing, dirt-resistance can never be guaranteed

Our Installationvideos

The PRO-FIL system solution, so easy. Take a look on our installation videos!

Result WITHOUT masking & sealing.

Dirt quickly builds up on areas that have not been masked or sealed.

Result WITH masking & sealing.

Compare this with a joint that has been masked and sealed during installation.

PRO-FIL Silicone

Our neutral-curing PRO-FIL silicone stands out with its ease of handling and shorter curing times compared to that of MS polymers.

  • Neutral-curing
  • Shore-A hardness between 18° and 25°
  • Available in all RAL, NCS or Sikkens colours