Wall Cove

The PRO-FIL Cove

Consistent quality is ensured with the PRO-FIL prefabricated concave moulding strips from roll, tile and board material.

The prefabricated concave moulding strip with elastic reinforcement is probably the most advanced concave moulding strip ever in technical terms. The small radius reduces the risk of damage to a negligible minimum.

The elastic reinforcement is installed at the factory. This prevents the reinforcement from coming off – as is often the case with other systems – when the screed starts sagging. The elastic material mirrors the sagging of the screed and maintains a consistently small curve.

Installing a PRO-FIL cove is easy. All you need for cutting is a conventional utility knife that is always at hand.  The length of the rods (240 cm) makes them easy to handle and ensure great installation performance.

Our installation videos

The PRO-FIL system solution, that easy. Take a look on our installation videos.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick

  • Even curve thanks to mechanically attached reinforcement
  • No sub-profile/supporting profile required
  • No cutting of strips
  • No mitre saw required
  • Short installation time
  • rods of up to 240 cm length
  • Various dimensions possible
  • Pre-cut and leftover parts of floor coverings can be used
  • No need to heat the material for installation
  • Thermal bonding on the back of tiles
  • Flush joints, virtually invisible

Joints can be filled with PRO-FIL FLEX gluing and sealing agent in matching colours; joints can also be painted over


PRO-FIL wall cove from PVC, linoleum or rubber


Concave moulding strip, radius


Elastic reinforcement



·         Small radius – connection to door Frames made easy

·         No sub-profile/supporting profile

·         No cutting of strips

·         No mitre saw required

·         Short installation time

·         rods of up to 240 cm length

·         No need to heat the material for installation

PROFIL Kunststoff GmbH - Hochzug Standardmaße Abbildung des Hochzugs ausgeschnitten und gedreht

Wall Cove, standard dimensions

Special dimensions available upon request

Durch die bereits werkseitig aufgebrachte elastische Verstärkung ist ein Ablösen der Verstärkung, wie es bei herkömmlichen Ausführungen z.B. bei Estrichsenkungen vorkommen kann, ausgeschlossen.

Das elastische Material kann sich hier mitbewegen und hält somit eine gleichbleibende kleine Rundung aufrecht.

Higher installation performance on site

– up to 70% and more(!) thanks to mechanical prefabrication